ODDS ‘N ENDS: Freemarker in Domino Designer, Google out of Gears and a cool aero tidbit

Got the Freemarker Eclipse Editor plugin to work inside of Domino Designer. Now I can edit and save a Freemarker template directly to a database (ResourcesFiles) all from within DD. To do this, follow this tip to enable the Eclipse update site feature in the Notes client, add the JBoss Tools update site to the Eclipse update site list, wait for the list to churn through the site and present the list of add-ons, drill into the list and select the Freemarker Editor, update, restart and presto!

According to this article, Google is abandoning Gears. Not too shocking as I don’t know of any widespread adoption of the technology. Of course, the only company to ever pay anything more than lip service to offline use is Lotus and it’s not an easy task. To revise my earlier post on the relevance of Chrome OS, it’s all about the eyeballs. Forget the underlying tech, Google just wants to make sure that it grabs as much advertising revenue for every click possible. Squeezing out competitor’s apps is one way to make that happen.

This spy shot indicates that the US government’s black programs are alive and well. Witness this stealthy UAV on the ground in Kandahar. Definitely cool stuff for an aviation anorak.