Our Open Source Knowledge Management abilities focus on the Drupal Content Management System. Use Drupal to foster ad-hoc community building for your intranet, extranet or internet needs. Create, consume and recombine knowledge payloads such as podcasts, blogs, discussions, events or tagged content with RESTful service APIs, XML-RPC, RSS, iCal and other collaborative
protocols and services.

Lotus Notes and Domino Knowledge Management consulting and integration. We have expert knowledge in development and integration with a wide variety of third party tools such as Single-Sign-On (SSO) platforms, directory services, presence awareness tools, desktop productivity applications and varied data sources.

Our custom application development practice uses malleable, cross platform frameworks such as Java JNLP (Web Start), Ruby on Rails, jQuery and the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library. Our platform choices are notable for their rich communal ecosystems, ensuring a wide variety of tried and tested plugins, extensions, modules, classes and other expansions to assist in delivering a working solution in the quickest and most cost-effective manner.

Critical Masses goes beyond mere development with world-class communications, evangelism and community building strategies. Let us increase your company’s institutional knowledge by unlocking your individual silos of information and fostering communities of practice within your organization.

Tools & partnerships:
MySQL Open source RDBMS NetBeans IDE and platform tool Java. Get Powered Drupal CMS IBM/Lotus Domino&Notes JavaScript Library Direct Web Remoting