ODDS ‘N ENDS: Symphony, Airplanes, Fugue and Firebug

Ever wonder what the deal with toxic fugue is? It’s been a favorite topic of mine since the classic Simpsons Episode “One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish.” This article in today’s NYTimes is enlightening.

Develop web faff using firebug? (who doesn’t) This post explains that you may be unwittingly slowing down your browser’s performance, even when not using firebug.

Childlike fascination with airplanes? By all means follow @flightglobal&@flightblogger. I’m enthralled with the 787 and the second flight-test plane is scheduled to make it’s first flight today. This plane has the potential to revolutionize travel comfort and may literally be around for an long time, due to its super-strong carbon-fiber fuselage. The 21st century’s DC-3?

ANNOYING: Occasionally developing for Expeditor caused BSOD. Thought that was a thing of the past…

LAZYWEB: Anyone know how to get in on the Symphony beta program (is there one?