OPEN THREAD: What is Missing in Domino Designer?

On this eve of Lotusphere ’10 (not going, thank you very much) has anyone compiled a list of the major pieces that are missing from a Domino developer’s toolkit? This is not a rant, as IBM has more than fulfilled its pledges to make Notes and Domino technically relevant again, but there are glaring holes that are obvious candidates for a list. I’ll start things off by naming three easy ones:

  1. An integrated Java Debugger (remote&local)
  2. Complete XSP Taglib documentation
  3. Remote/Local XPages debugging

Please chime in with your suggestions and keep the topics general. While I agree with, say, Chris Toohey, that an @Password formula that optionally takes an encryption algorithm type as an argument would be a useful addition, such a suggestion is less a big picture requirement to fully contemporize our development environment portfolio than a feature request. By all means chime in with the URL’s of IdeaJam suggestions for participants to vote on as well.