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A Java JNLP application that merges duplicate entries across multiple Name and Address Books in the Lotus Notes/Domino environment.

An open source Java library and testing applet that reduces pasted HTML text to an allowed subset of tags. The stated purpose of this exercise is to facilitate easier management of contributed HTML inside a larger stylistically enforced HTML property. In practice, this solution becomes quite useful most often when pasting Microsoft clipboard data into "fancy text" fields embedded into web forms. Allowed/reduced tags consist of Bold (strong), Italics (emphasis) Underline, Bullet (ul) Ordered List (ol), Anchor (a), Blockquote, Paragraph (p) and alignments (DIV align.). Project page coming soon pending code organization and licensing resolution.

Development name for an open source project to combine true peer to peer (many to many) discussion medium with institutional knowledge tools and state of the art information discovery. Project highlights include:

Project in architectural/design phase.

Open Asset
An open source functional equivalent to a proprietary, Lotus Domino based interactive knowledge management solution. Functional highlights include:

Project will use Java Server Faces and an RDBMS for presentation and data layers, respectively. Project launch pending completion of organizational support and funding structure.

Comprehensive Knowledge Management Intranet Solutions Platform -Architect, Lead Developer
Designed and developed complete knowledge management intranet for major multinational NGO. Responsible for selection and implementation of various technologies centered around collaboration and presence management. Designed and implemented a secure, interactive role based collaboration platform. Designed and developed cross-cutting solutions to integrate multiple collaboration technologies.
Development highlights include:

  • Developing a Lotus Domino based LDAP white and yellow page system using Java Naming and Directory API (JNDI)
  • Developing a Java client application that communicates with Sun One calendar server using IETF Calendar Application Protocol, auto-installs on client machine using Java Web Start, and prints in Acrobat format using an open source Acrobat printing API.
  • Developing a Java-based ability to convert an entire knowledge topical collection (asset) into a structured Acrobat PDF file or disk image for offline sharing.

Standards-based calendaring and CRM system –Architect
Designed a web-based calendaring and customer relationship management system for boutique marketing firm. System uses latest directory services and calendar services standards based protocol engines for rapid development and ready integration and maintenance. System permits customer to extend core business functionality to the internet in a secure and dependable fashion. System automates tedious and error-prone tasks reliably.

Comprehensive Knowledge Management System –Architect
Discovery of large, multi-national non-government organization’s precise Knowledge Management needs through comprehensive interview process and research. Authored analysis of procedural and technical needs paper for client. Involved in implementation phase of project.

Content Management System –Lead Architect
Architected a comprehensive Notes/Domino based content management system for a leading multinational software development concern. Involved in all aspects of system discovery and design as well as client relationship-building and project management.

Financial tool web front-end –Lead developer
Architected and implemented a 3-tier solution for providing secure public internet access to a highly sensitive application for major multinational financial concern. Highlights of the system include ensuring that no data is actually stored on public access servers –all data is retrieved from secure servers inside corporate firewall in real-time.

Domino online trading system –Developer
Lotus Domino, JavaScript. Assumed control of code base for a period of three months. Instituted new features, strict code discipline and versioning and quality control methodologies for a web based trading system for the telephony marketplace.

Notes, Exchange and Palm Pilot co-existence application – Lead Developer
Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Globalware PylonPro for 3Com PalmPilot. Architected and implemented a co-existence strategy and system that allows users to enter and view customer contact information using a Notes application, an Exchange public folder or a PalmPilot application. The system allows users to operate in the environment with which they are most comfortable with or is most expedient.

Incident Tracking Extranet Application – Lead Developer
DHTML, Java, LotusScript, JavaScript, Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6. Jake designed a web-based application that securely tracks incident reporting and correlates the incident data with other related data for comprehensive reporting. The system uses advanced DHTML concepts and JavaScript to provide a natural user interface for its actors. The system also integrates with several server-based repositories of information that relate to the incident tracking information. The system operates as a plug-in to Binary Tree’s eTeam application suite.

Corporate Intranet and Phone Directory System  – Lead Developer
Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6, JavaScript, LotusScript. Jake oversaw this project from its design specification stage through to its rollout. The system is a dual-use Notes client/Web Browser intranet. It contains a home page directory that links to several productivity applications for a large and diverse importer of fine spirits and wines. The system is entirely manageable from either a Notes client or a web browser.

Year 2000 Internet-based Product Offering – Developer
Jake modularized an existing internet application offering that provides year 2000 readiness information and reporting. The system receives its data from a central server that is updated regularly. The components can be accessed on a subscription basis over the Internet or purchased and hosted privately. Jake parameterized the code base to allow for the seamless application in either environment. Oversaw miscellaneous other improvements for the system.

Global Knowledge Management System – System Architect and Lead Developer
JavaScript, LotusScript, RDBMS integration, Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6, Macromedia DreamWeaver.   Jake met and helped coordinate a steering committee for a large multinational aid organization that was charged with defining and implementing the organization’s knowledge management needs. Responsible for shepherding the thoughts and ideas of the steering committee into deliverable goals. Jake oversaw the development and implementation of the system. The system provides any logical grouping of people within the organization with a comprehensive and secure toolkit to do their jobs and enhance the institutional memory of the organization. The system is available worldwide and is manageable through a web-based interface.

Corporate Web Site and Content Management System – System Architect and Lead Developer
DHTML, JavaScript, LotusScript, Java, Shockwave Flash, Lotus Notes/Domino 4.6. Responsible for the requirement analysis, graphic design oversight and principal development of a comprehensive web site and content management system for a mid-sized corporation. The site features DHTML and JavaScript to provide a pleasing, entertaining and useful picture of the company. The site also tracks visitors and collects information by routing users through a registration process when they exhibit behavior typical of potential customers.

Purchasing System – System Designer and Lead Developer
Lotus Notes R4.5, LotusScript, Data-Flow Diagram (DFD) methodology. Jocumented the existing paper-based purchasing system for this large multi-national bank and designed Notes based workflow application to automate, secure and inventory all new purchasing events. The system uses  advanced Object-based LotusScript libraries to query existing inventories and maintain inventory integrity. Extensive UI and back-end scripting was used to sign and seal the data. At all times, multiple levels of security are enforced to maintain the wholesomeness of the documents for audit quality integrity. Lotus Notes Mail is used to inform and instruct the actors in the system on how and when to act upon the information as it is stepped through a sophisticated workflow process.

Operations Reporting System – Domino Developer
Lotus Notes/Domino R4.5, LotusScript, Netscape Navigator and QuickView Plus Plug-in for Netscape Navigator. Designed and implemented a reporting system for a multinational manufacturing concern. The system allows plant managers to input statistical information as well as word-processing (MS Word) files in real-time into a Notes Domino database using Netscape Navigator. The documents created by the plant managers are entered into a workflow system where only those with appropriate roles and security can view and process them at their different staging levels. The web-centric front-end of the application changes to suit the user’s access level.

Worldwide Information Networking for Global Status Executive Information System (WINGS EIS) – Lead Notes Developer
Lotus Notes R4.x, LotusScript, OLE Automation using Lotus SmartSuite, DB/2 and Lotus Domino HTTP Services Development.   Designed and implemented all aspects of this modular executive information system for this large multinational corporation. Responsibilities included interface design, automation of back-end data processing and presentation, integration with legacy mainframe relational systems and deployment of system in Notes R4 and World-Wide-Web formats. Created a data import process and methodology using Lotus SmartSuite integration with Lotus Notes and DB/2 relational database. Designed a parallel version of the WINGS EIS for deployment on corporate intranet.

STORM – System Analyst
Lotus Notes, FoxPro MS Access and Visual Basic.
Assisted in the migration of legacy sales automation system from relational data store to Lotus Notes R4. Completely analyzed and documented the fragmented existing sales automation system of a large multinational corporation in order to assist in its migration to Notes. During the course of the analysis, assumed the role of troubleshooter and data manager and was also instrumental in bolstering and maintaining data integrity throughout the migration process.

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