Critical Masses Technlogy, Inc.


CMTI can provide your company with the expertise to implement IT solutions to solve pressing issues such as:

  1. Getting people to converse more freely across hierarchies.
  2. Mining formal and informal conversations for useful information.
  3. Improving institutional memory by turning personal experiences into institutional knowledge.

In addition to our flagship Knowledge Management consulting, CMTI also provides broad spectrum IT consulting and programming. Skills include but are not limited to:

CMTI’s consulting services revolve around a core philosophy:

  1. Many companies have existing undervalued or underutilized assets and personnel that can be maximized before expensive purchases and new hires are made
  2. The path of least disruption is the path best taken.
  3. Outsource what you should, not what you can.
  4. Be open and fair about the exit strategy in the Terms of Reference.

CMTI’s competitive stance is:

CMTI’s Technology Portfolio (Buzzword Compliance)

Lotus Notes/Domino development with nine years experience, LotusScript, Visual Basic, Java (JNLP, JNDI, JXTA, Java2D/Swing, JSF) JavaScript/ECMAScript, CSS, HTML, XML, LDAP.
Extensive experience, architecting, developing and deploying Drupal CMS based web presences.
Practical Experience developing in the Eclipse/Websphere Studio, NetBeans and Sun Java Studio Creator environments.

modified on 05, September 2005, by Jake Ochs, CMTI